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  • Kannagi No Yomeiri

    巫の嫁入り ; The Marriage of a Miko

  • Author(s) : Kawano Akiko ,
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Feb 22,2024 - 18:39 PM
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  • View : 79.4K
  • Genres : Shounen ai,
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  •   Mangakakalot rate : 2.65/ 5 - 34 votes

Kannagi No Yomeiri summary:

Can they become a real couple?Yoshioki, the eldest son of the village head family, takes Chitose, the descendant of the shrine maiden family, as his wife according to the village customs.Yoshioki is furious when it is discovered that the bride is actually a "man"Moreover, Chitose is beautiful, but heis taciturn and unfriendly.Their married life, which began as a temporary couple, was full of things that didn't go well, but after a certain incident, he came to know Chitose's true nature!?
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Chapter 4 0 3 hour ago
Vol.1 Chapter 3 3.9K Feb 22,24
Vol.1 Chapter 2 4.8K Jan 28,24
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